Financial Workshops

We regularly host financial literacy workshops within the community to help educate and spread awareness on the importance of personal financial planning.  Our goal is that everyone has the knowledge they need to make informed financial decisions about their personal financial wellness.  

There are numerous workshops that address a variety of topics related to all ages and lifestyles.  Workshops also provide an atmosphere where individuals have an open forum to ask questions in a safe, welcoming environment.  Are you interested in hosting a workshop at your workplace?  Contact my office to get started!

Who are Common Audiences?

  • Corporations  

  • Executives

  • Medical professionals 

  • Young professionals

  • Women's professional groups

  • Not-for-profits and Associations

  • College and Graduate Students

What topics are requested?

  • Organizing finances

  • Retirement planning / strategies

  • Group benefits

  • Protecting loved ones

  • Managing debt

  • Risk management

  • College funding